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If you notice any of the symptoms listed below, you probably have a wet or leaking basement. Call us at 800-682-2288 to schedule a free basement inspection to determine if you need a waterproofing system.


Exterior Signs:

Clogged or non working stairwell drain.   Doors and windows hard to open and close.

Cracks on exterior of home ie: bricks, poured walls.   Cracked Foundation.


Interior Signs:

Buckling of paneling / wall coverings.   Paint peeling.   Damp floors or walls.Musty smell.     Mold or mildew on walls.   Deteriorated baseboards. Cracks in floor or walls.  Causes of water damage


High Water Table:

Water, will contribute in raising the water table around your home. This will result in a build up of water pressure against the foundation walls.



As the ground settles around your home, your foundation can shift or develop cracks. The exterior parge/coat can open and crack and give water an entry point to enter your home under the floor and walls.


Capillary Activity:

When water comes in contact with a porous surface like a concrete block wall, it’s natural for the water to be soaked up like a sponge. This continuous pressure will cause the walls and floors to store this water like a balloon, ready to burst.


Hydrostatic Pressure:

The greater the level of moisture and water building up around a home, the more the pressure on the water to find entry into the home through cracks in the walls and floors. Initially, this water may enter and stay in the block or in the pores of the concrete. That is what causes discoloration to walls and allow them to be wet and damp


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