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By marylandegr22885493, Apr 29 2018 06:54AM

Like many homes, our cabin is built over a soil crawl space. While crawl spaces offer simple construction and access to the underside of your home, they provide little protection from the environment, and can lead to structural and air quality problems within your home.

Standing water, high moisture levels, soil gas, dust and an abundance of rodents and other critters are common in unsealed dirt crawl spaces.

Traditional thinking (and building codes) promoted ventilation of crawl spaces to circulate outside air into the crawl space and control moisture.

Unfortunately, ventilation of crawl spaces often does more harm than good. In many climates, ventilation can make moisture problems worse by introducing an unending supply of relatively humid outside air into the crawl space that can form water once in contact with the cool surfaces within a crawl space.

By marylandegr22885493, Feb 24 2018 09:58AM

Yes. Nearly all methods that we use in conjunction with full-depth basements can be used to address crawl space related problems. If we are to do any work from the interior. Contact Us Today for a Free No Pressure Inspection and Estimate . 800-682-2288

If you have a dirt or gravel floor inside the crawl space, we could also install (pump) a concrete floor to reduce moisture and provide additional storage space. We can also install a Crawl Space Liner.

Signs Your Crawl Space May Have a Problem

Interior Drywall Cracks

Unlevel or Uneven Floors

Bad Smells in Your Home

Allergies or Asthma Symptoms

If your crawl space has one of these signs, you've come to the right place to get the problem fixed. We have the experience, staff and products to get the best answer and solution for your crawlspace issue(s).

By marylandegr22885493, May 14 2017 03:38PM

Worldwide Basement Waterproofing MD DC VA

A wet basement might seem like a small problem, but it can lead to much bigger ones. A leaking basement, or a basement that generates a lot of moisture, can attract toxic black mold or cause structural damage to your home’s foundation.

A leaky basement also runs the risk of soaking any belongings you store there, increasing the risk of black mold. Basement waterproofing can stabilize your home’s property value and provide great peace of mind. Visit our basement waterproofing page for more information.

What are the signs of a basement leak?

Leaking basements offer a few obvious indicators, like pools of water on the floor or water trickling down the walls. But there are several other ways water damage can show itself as well:

A rapid increase in mold or mildew

By marylandegr22885493, Apr 6 2017 01:42PM

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The 10 Most Common Basement Problems

It doesn’t matter if your basement is a simple storage area or a top-of-the-line gaming room. All basements are subject to the same problems because of their location: at or below ground level and below the water table. These issues range from a minor nuisance to a catastrophic problem that can practically ruin your home’s value.

10. Humidity – Even if water isn’t a problem in your basement, humidity can be. Humidity condenses on organic and metal surfaces, where it can grow mold, cause rot, attract dust mites, and generally provide an uncomfortable environment for humans. There are simple things you can do to lower humidity levels in your basement.

9. Ugly Appearance – In an unfinished basement, water can turn your basement walls and floor really ugly. A loose mineral salt, called efflorescence, is caused by humidity and looks like a white powdery substance. It not a danger but can be a constant problem if there is humidity. Chipped paint is caused by humidity too, where moisture goes through porous basement walls and puts pressure on the paint from the inside. Reddish or orange stains are usually caused by iron ochre, when there is a lot of iron in the soil. Not a problem for humans but can be for plumbing. And finally, dark stains or patches indicate mold problems that need to be checked out right away.

8. Funky Smells – Smells come hand-in-hand with humidity. Most foul basement odors are caused by mold, mildew, rot, or dust mites. Drywall, wood, fiberglass, paper products, paint, leather and cloth all make good homes for these culprits. You have to control your humidity level to prevent these odors.

7. Window Leaks – Basement windows allow sunshine into the dark world of a basement. Windows are much more prone to leaks than concrete walls, so extra care has to be taken with them. Make sure the seal is good and not cracking- if water is not getting in, it’s still possible heat or cold air is getting out. A good waterproofing system will have special drainage channels for windows to prevent flooding through them.

6. Basement Cracks – Cracks allow water to seep into your home. Some cracks are natural and just happen because of settling. But even small cracks can get bigger over time if water is coming through them. That’s especially the case during winter as water expands and contracts as it freezes and thaws. More serious cracks ( cracks in the floor, or cracks larger than 1/8” inch wide) indicate foundation problems and should be checked out immediately by a professional.

5. Basement Leaking or Flooding – Groundwater causes “hydrostatic pressure” against your basement walls from the outside, where water is basically trying to force its way inside your house. From the inside, a burst pipe or leaking appliance can leak water into your home. Water entry leads to bigger cracks, mold, smells, stains, and so much more.

4. Sump Pump Failure – If you have a sump pump it’s because you’re already aware of what water damage can do to your home. But if that sump pump fails at a bad time, you’re back to square one. Water isn’t being pumped out so it collects with the potential for flooding. That’s why it’s always a good idea to do regular checkups and to have a backup or battery system in place.

3. Basement Walls Buckling or Bowing – Once again, hydrostatic pressure is the culprit. Cracks can usually be fixed before they lead to bigger problems, but by the time you see your walls bowing or buckling it means that pressure problem has been going on for a long time. Since rebuilding the foundation is usually not a good option, there are a number of other, less expensive options available from professional basement contractors.

2. Basement Floors Sinking or Cracking – Any problems related to your basement floor are serious issues that need professional inspection. The soil under and around your home can erode because of water, leaving little support for those parts of the foundation. Mistakes during construction can also show up as your house settles and ages. In any case, these problems need to be addressed as soon as they are spotted because they only get worse.

1. Basement Mold – Mold will cause you a number of headaches (sometimes literally). It smells, it looks awful, it will deteriorate your home’s value, and worst of all it causes serious health problems. Headaches, asthma, allergic reactions and many other health issues have all been linked to mold. Mold is a serious problem and should not be taken lightly. Have a professional mold removal company inspect your home as soon as you realize there is mold. Mold will start growing in the dampest and darkest places where we don’t usually see, so by the time it’s actually visible to you it has been growing for quite some time.

Problems #10 through #2 are all annoying problems we don’t like to deal with, but in the end, mold is still #1!

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