Differences Between Waterproofing And Water Management
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Differences Between Waterproofing And Water Management

By marylandegr22885493, Jul 19 2016 11:26PM

Differences Between Waterproofing And Water Management

The key difference between these two approaches is that waterproofing works to prevent water from entering into the structure, while water management works to prevent damage by water after it has entered the structure.

Waterproofing prevents ground water from seeping into the basement and possibly causing damage to the structure. There are, in fact, different ways in which basement walls are waterproofed:

Injecting cracks in the walls with polyurethane or epoxy compounds usually helps seal gaps in concrete walls.

Exterior excavation waterproofing is a tried and tested method to waterproof basements. The entire basement wall is exposed after excavating the surrounding soil, drain pipes installed to draw out any water that may stand in the basement, and a waterproof coating is applied on the outer surface of the basement wall to complete the process.

Applying waterproof coating on interior walls, however, is not a permanent solution, though prevalent.

Depending on the type of waterproofing, quality of materials and the reliability and expertise of the service provider, exterior waterproofing can go without any ongoing maintenance for years together.

Water management or water control, however, does not attempt to prevent water seepage, but is focused on preventing water stagnation in the basement. This process involves digging a small trench on the floor of the basement to collect water entering the structure, and installing a sump pump to remove the water from the interiors. Water management will prove effective only when the sump pump is in working condition.

Waterproofing vs. Water Management

Waterproofing is prevention and water management, a cure!

Waterproofing is both time- and effort-intensive; it is expensive when compared to water control. Costs tend to escalate based on the nature and the extent of the problem.

Exterior excavations often affect the surrounding landscape or other external structures, such as porticos and sit-outs, and demand careful comprehensive planning. Water management, on the other hand, though minimally invasive, involves breaking the floor of the basement and impacts the stability and integrity of the structure.

Water management process totally relies on the effective functioning of the sump pump and clog-free drainage systems. Backup power to operate the pump is mandatory to avoid any flash floods in the basement!

Water logging and seepage are common problems, which when left untreated can cause progressive structural damage in buildings. In fact, water is not the real problem. It simply is a symptom of a greater problem – usually weak walls, faulty pipes and drainage systems, gradation, etc. It is important for home owners to make a well-informed decision on whether to opt for water management or waterproofing treatments to prevent damage caused by water. An apt combination of multiple solutions can also help treat specific problems.

Opting for waterproofing services from professional companies will help ensure quality services at competitive prices, and steer clear of water management solutions that occasionally get marketed as waterproofing services. Looking up for more information on waterproofing vs. water management is bound to enable homeowners better understand the problem and settle for a suitable remedy.

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