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Mold is dangerous to you, your family, and your pets. It has been linked to everything from "sick building syndrome" and King Tut's curse to asthma and even death. Mold can even reduce your property value and cause serious health issues. Our team at Worldwide Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Inc. can help you in removing dangerous mold infestations from your home. Contact us today!

Once the moisture problem has been addressed, we'll remove the mold growth and repair the damage it has caused using proven techniques and the latest technologies.


We'll have an indoor air quality professional (IAQ) to check the air in your home when we're done.

We Work With 3 Major Financing Institutions to Provide You With Payment Options.

Mold problems are usually caused by excess moisture building up in your home. It can grow behind walls, under flooring and drywall, and in many other places.


Our experts will use the latest tools to diagnose moisture problems in your home.

Remediating mold

Assessing the problem

We'll use ultraviolet air cleaners to disinfect, sterilize, and eliminate microorganisms like mold, bacteria, germs, and viruses. Your indoor air quality and health will be improved by removing these hazardous elements from the air.

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